Major elements fertilizer




1. High rate of absorption and utilization : clear liquid fertilizer, high content of N P K, fully water soluble, with perfect foliar adhesion & spreadability, making it suitable for drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and foliar spray .

2. It is a scientific formulation of NPK and various trace element , effectively regulates internal nutrient level in plant.

3. High crop safety: This product can all be absorbed by crops, it does NOT contain chlorine ion ,and will NOT cause the symptoms of soil acidification, salinization and compaction.


1. Applicable in the seedling ,pre- flowering , and the rooting development.

2. Rich in poly phosphorus and fast- acting phosphorus, it can enhance the photosynthesis and sugar conversion rate of the crops, which rapidly stimulates the root activity, and promotes the development of the root system. .

3. If applied before flowering stage, it can promote pollen tube elongation ,strengthen floral organ, which can make flowering earlier, thus increasing the fruit setting rate, and prevent s flowers and fruits dropping .It can improve the anti capabilities of drought, cold, dry hot wind and stress resistance.


  Some crops 

1. Foliar Spray: Dilute sage and frequency according to the local climate, soil conditions, crops and fertilization levelby 800-1000 times, foliar spray the leaves back and forth and the whole plant

2. Drip irrigation: Dilute by 800-1000 times , apply 15-30L / Ha , Drip water 5 miutes after drip the solution 

3. Apply 3-4 times at Fruit or vegetable seedling stage / pre flowering / rooting stage or Phosphate required period , apply intervals should be 10-15 days or so

4. Increase or decrease the do


Potassium (K2O)200g/L
Organic Matters (OM)60g/L
AppearanceLight yellow
PH  value( dilution in water 1:2507.0-7.5
Solubility  miscible with water
Density@20℃ 1.50-1.55  
Limited element mg/kg  Hg≤5, As≤10,Cd≤10,Pb≤50,Cr≤50 





PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图14)

PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图15)

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