Major elements fertilizer

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High PK formulation 

1. New technology :  This product is made by a new technology--the trace element is chelated by polymeric PK, which is more easily absorbed by crops. 

2. High utilization rate: It has added a variety of trace element. The high efficiency chelate can effectively avoid the antagonism among elements,  this means all elements are fully available to meet the various nutrients needs of the crops.

3. High crop safety: completely water soluble, not blocks the nozzles and drip capillary tubes . The nutrients are pure  without hormones, which gives more safety to roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. This product can all be absorbed by crops, it does NOT contain chlorine  ion, and will NOT cause the symptoms of soil acidification, salinization and  compaction.


1.Immediately and effectively supplements the PK requirement of the crops, providing rapid swelling , quick and even coloring and aid in the fruit ripen earlier. 

2.Improves fruit texture, and is convenient for storage . 

3.Extends the pollen tube , strengthens floral organ, make flowering earlier, which can prevent flowers and fruit dropping, which can increase the fruit-setting rate.

4. Promotes rooting, which improves the anti -capabilities of  drought, cold, and stress resistance

5.Improves the sugar and VC content, which improves the quality and yield. 


 Recommendations for use: 

Foliar Spray:  Dilute by 500-800 times, foliar spray the leaves back and forth and the whole plant

Apply 3-4 times  for melons/ fruit expanding and coloring stage,  wheat/rice jointing, filling &booting stage, and all vegetables whole stage,   apply intervals should be 7-10 days or so

Increase or decrease the dosage and frequency according to the local climate, soil conditions, crops and fertilization level


Phosphate  ( P2O5)500g/L
Copper   ( EDTA-Cu)0.3g/L
Boron  (B)2g/L
PH  value( dilution in water 1:2507.0-8.0
Solubility  miscible with water
Density@20℃ 1.75-1.80g/mL
Limited element mg/kg  Hg≤5, As≤10,Cd≤10,Pb≤50,Cr≤50 





PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图14)

PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图15)

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