Chinese herbal insecticide

  • BYQ for aphids
BYQ for aphids

BYQ for aphids

  • Specification: 100mL/ bottle, 500mL/ bottle or as clients request



New plant-based herbal extract preparation

Dissolve the epidermal waxy layer of pest 

Dual kill of insects and eggs

No resistance to pesticides, elimination of the resistance

Fast-action and long duration

Good synergistic effect when mixed with pesticides 

Chemical pesticide-free, hormone-free, residue-free, no side-effect, high safety for plants and the environment

 To Solve:  

Cotton aphid, peach aphid, black aphid, yellow aphid, whitefly, woodlouse,scale insect, vegetable leaf miner, leafhopper, etc.

  Application & Dosage:  

Dilution 1500-2000 times in water, spray the whole plant carefully, two times within 5 days.(25 ml -30ml in 15kg water).( once every 3-5 days for 2-3 times in a row)

 To Solve:  

New plant-based herbal extract preparation and LVT unique technology





PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图14)

PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图15)

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